Console and Cartridge Repair

We know how much you love video games. We also know how awful it is when your systems or games aren’t working right. That’s why we are dedicated to providing friendly, professional service designed to get you back to gaming as quickly as possible.

At Another Castle, we can fix a variety of issues common with today’s (and yesterday’s) video game consoles. Repairs begin with a $25 non-refundable diagnostic fee, applied towards the final cost of the repair. Most repairs range from $50 to $65. Older consoles generally cost less, and repairs that require additional parts are generally more. Please email us at and we can provide you an estimate or set you up with an appointment to drop your system off* for repair.

*currently only available in Edmonds.

Microsoft Xbox One
  • Not Booting / Black Screen
  • Disc drive issues
  • Hard drive issues
Sony Playstation 4
  • HDMI port replacement
  • Disc drive issues
  • Hard drive upgrade
Nintendo Wii
  • Not reading games
Microsoft Xbox 360 / Xbox 360 Slim
  • Red Ring of Death (RROD)
  • E74, E73 or other error messages
  • Disc drive issues
  • No video, or freezing
  • Tray eject problems
Sony PlayStation 3 / PlayStation 3 Slim
  • Yellow Light of Death (YLOD)
  • Disc drive issues
  • Freezing
  • Data Transfer / Data Recovery
Classic Systems
  • Nintendo NES blinking screen (72-pin connector replacement)
  • Ninendo SNES broken power socket / no power.
  • … And many others! Feel free to contact us about your repair if it’s not listed
Cartridge-based game repair
  • Cartridge save battery replacement (Gameboy, GBA, NES, SNES, Genesis).
  • Pokemon save batteries. Fix “time-based events” message.
  • Non-loading games. Garbled graphics. Professional contact cleaning.